Mogs offers to the international market the best steel window and door solutions. Mogs complements modern architecture and the latest contemporary design with window, door and curtain wall systems and fenestration solutions of all kinds, which are characterized by extremely slender profiles. Large expanses of glass that exploit the excellent properties offered by Mogs steel and the perfectly designed shape of the profiles to keep the frame as invisible as possible, guaranteeing at the same time excellent performances in terms of security, thermal insulation and sound proofing, and a remarkably long maintenance-free service.

Our offices

Located a few steps away from downtown Treviso, only 100 meters from the railway station and easy to reach from Treviso and Venice airports, the MOGS main office is equipped with a large showroom where you view some of the doors and windows made with our systems, different materials used for the latter and every type of opening we produce.

MOGS SRL Unipersonale - Viale Trento Trieste, 12 - 31100 Treviso – Italy



Technical support

Mogs takes great care of its consulting service for architects and customers, supplying them from the beginning with technical advice and important information such as feasibility studies, specifications and thermic estimates, as well as cost estimates in order to find the best solution for the specific projects. At a later stage, Mogs works with the sales department and sales agents to coordinate the work with the most qualified metalworkers to carry on the project.

Energy saving: cut down on power consumption

Using materials like steel in metal constructions means optimizing the planet’s resources. On the one hand, steel guarantees high thermal insulation values, resulting in savings in heating and air conditioning. On the other, Mogs’ sustainability and energy-saving ethic is linked not only to the use of the actual object, but also spawned by the energy losses involved in the making of said object. The production system for tubular steel profiles is environmentally friendly. Mogs is committed to making the same things, but polluting less. Primary production of aluminium requires four times more energy than the production of steel. The lack of awareness of these facts leads to clear paradoxes, such as the production of photovoltaic facades that are applied on aluminium systems, which take much more energy to produce than the energy that the system could potentially store once in service. In the United States, on the other hand, 64% of all steel products made each year come from recycled scrap. In this country, in terms of quantity, annual steel recycling outperforms the recycling of glass, paper, plastic and aluminium all put together. In addition to helping conserve the planet’s natural resources, the american steel recycling program each year saves the equivalent amount of energy it would take to run 18 million average homes.