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Mogs offers solutions in steel for high end Italian architecture.

MOGS is able to turn a standard object of the building industry into a stylish one. In addition to fitting all the technical features such as thermal insulation, safety, and easy cleanliness, the MOGS brand has a strong contemporary personality able to achieve high technical performances. The added value of Mogs doors and windows is the ability to create something that would be impossible for others such as a minimal thickness of profiles and the use of special materials. Therefore, a stylish product is born from both harmony and from the selection of materials that guarantee its quality, resistance and solidity as well as its durability. The Mogs brand perfectly combines high mechanical quality with strong and refined aesthetics: the aesthetics of function.

Safety: our priority

Mogs steel profiles are realized using a continuously formed and welded steel sheet, with a thickness of at least 2 mm (with exception of the Series 15/10), in order to increase burglar resistance at the highest degree. Every other security device, such as iron bars, armoured shutters and alarm systems, become complementary. Even the thermal insulated systems are studied not to compromise the window security: Mogs insulated systems are extremely resistant both in the profile (the only thermal insulated system with an actual thickness of the steel sheet of 2 mm) and in the insulating section, thanks to a special mix of polymers. The extra depth of the profile (65-72 mm) is conceived to house every kind of glazing, even very wide and heavy high performance glazing. The special shape of the profile means very high moment of inertia are achieved. Every system is certified by prestigious institutes, such as IFT Rosenheim. The value – real and perceived – of the buildings provided with Mogs windows and doors increases objectively.

Design: our strong point

Mogs is the most streamlined profile for architectural windows and doors: , for an extreme refinement of forms. To keep the profile slender also when double glazing is required, we increased the profile depht, thus maintaining unchanged beauty. The wide range of special finishing options - such as black steel, Cor-Ten steel, the various brushed and mirror-finish effects of stainless steel, and internal cladding with wood, corian or other materials, as well as the prestigious Architectural Bronze – allow the creation of valued windows and doors.


Steel: our material

Steel, an alloy with extraordinary properties, is the material we have selected to make first class doors and frames dedicated to the world of architecture and interior design. The different uses of steel combined with its primary importance in modern and contemporary architecture, where its use was a turning point, make steel a one-of-a-kind and essential material for our products, also because it is resistant, weldable and long lasting.


Our systems

We divided our systems into four categories, each one of them characterized by different style traits that make each category stand apart:
FERROFINESTRA A series of systems strictly linked to the history of architecture, from the beginning of steel as a construction material in the 1930’s to the aesthetics promoted by the Bauhaus Institute. FerroFinestra allows the construction of huge glass panels supported by a very thin frame. The excellent thermal insulation and the possibility to integrate low emission double glazing glass make FerroFinestra the ideal choice for the most different type of openings.
MOGS A diversified range of solutions suitable for any environment and space, the great versatility of this line covers different forms of traditional profiles with less settings.
LIFT&SLIDE The sliding systems for doors of any weight and dimensions, available in MOGS steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten, thermal break and fall-front doors.
CURTAIN WALLS Solutions for continuous façades, glass roofs and verandah, made in a firestop version. Great resistance to stress, possibility to mount huge glass panels, capable to support great weights without taking special caution: these are a few of the most striking features of Mogs curtain walls. The growing attention to the eco-sustainable architecture is exemplified by the addition of a new photovoltaic system for continuous façades ideal in maintaining a good energy performance in individual buildings.