B75 TB | BronzoFinestra


B75 TB | BronzoFinestra

A noble and timeless metal for a system featuring maximum performance. Its warm tones and handcrafted finishes make it unique. The design the new B75 TB can be either flush or overlapping and can accommodate high performance glazing, while the glass fibre reinforced polyamide insulator provides excellent thermal values. The B75 TB system thus satisfies the most demanding projects, in residential, institutional and commercial projects.

Main features
  • 1/ Solid architectural bronze extruded profiles
  • 2/ Can be both internally and externally flush or overlapping, or externally flush and internally overlapping
  • 3/ Profile depth compatible with insulating glass up to 55 mm
  • 4/ Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator
  • 5/ Wide choice of glazing beads, rectangular, triangular and double “L” shape
  • 6/ EPDM co-extruded sealing gaskets
  • 7/ Wide choice of specific fittings, including both visible and conceived hinges
  • 8/ Side-hung, top-hung and bottom-hung windows, tilt and turn, pivoting windows, sliding and folding doors
  • 9/ Natural finish, or burnished in different shades.

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