Curtain wall OS-TEC TB


Curtain wall OS-TEC TB

The system, which includes fixing channels and custom-designed façade profiles, exploits the very high physical and mechanical qualities of steel. It allows much larger spans with slimmer structures, thanks to its high modulus of elasticity (three times that of aluminium) and low coefficient of thermal expansion (considerably lower than aluminium and wood, and very similar to glass indeed). With very slim section (up to 50 mm), it is possible to create transparent facades, glazed roofs and conservatories of large dimensions, with outstanding performance in terms of tightness and thermal-acoustic insulation. An advanced system for cutting-edge architecture.
Main features
  • 1/ Sharp crisp corners and clean shadow lines
  • 2/ Profiles are available in bright steel and stainless steel
  • 3/ Laser welded custom design profiles
  • 4/ Extremely slender steel mullions and transoms
  • 5/ System adaptable to any thickness and composition of the glass pane
  • 6/ External add-on glazing system with sight lines of 50, 60 and 80 mm
  • 7/ Design cover caps available in aluminum, stainless stee AISI 316L, Cor-Ten steel and architectural bronze, in different sizes.

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product lines


Fixing channels - OS-TEC 50 TB


Fixing channels - OS-TEC 60/80 TB


Laser welded custom profiles