FerroFinestra W50 TB


The style of the thirties, now also thermal insulated

With the new system FerroFinestra Taglio termico, Mogs takes the heritage of the fascinating English style in its most authentic form, bringing back the same forms, proportions and overlapping effects of the original 19th Century hot rolled steel window profiles, now refined and evolved thanks to modern technologies. The innovative high density polyurethane isolator used for the thermal barrier, together with the possibility of housing high performance glazing, allow to fully responds to current regulations and contemporary needs for comfort, also in extreme weather conditions, where the traditional FerroFinestra may not be sufficient. Wide range of accessories, several finishes, in every kind of openings.
systems features
  • 1/ Fully welded frames, guaranteeing excellent strength.
  • 2/ Maximum stability and precision of the profile shapes, allowing the creation of perfect windows and doors.
  • 3/ High density cast in polyurethane isolator, guaranteeing extraordinary thermal insulation also in extreme weather conditions.
  • 4/ Extra depth of the profiles, to allow the housing of high performance glazing, like double pane glass, from 18 to 42 mm thick.
  • 5/ Double gaskets.
  • 6/ Finishes in every mat or bright RAL colours, cor-ten effect, and also customized colours.
  • 7/ Wide range of exclusive fittings and handles, reproduced from original designs, to fully respect every planning style.
  • 8/ Every kind of openings: inward or outward opening side-hung, double-vent (French style), horizontally and vertically pivoted swing windows, as well as sliding systems and all kind of composite windows.


example of use


product lines


steel profiles


FerroFinestra T42 TB compatibile profiles


3D render


FerroFinestra W50 TT - profilo 1


FerroFinestra W50 TT - profilo 2


FerroFinestra W50 TT - profilo 3


FerroFinestra W50 TT - profilo 4

FerroFinestra W50 TT - profilo 5