Lift&Slide MLS72 TB


Insulated transparent walls

The series Alzante Scorrevole Tagliotermico combines the refined beauty of steel with the highest thermal and sound-proof performances. The specific shape of the profile, produced using very thick steel sheets, together with the shape of the sealing systems allows to reach extraordinary results. With thermal values among the lowest in its category, the Alzante Scorrevole Tagliotermico is ideal for openings of extraordinary size and weight. The openings Alzante Scorrevole Tagliotermico can be used together with the latest domotics devices.
systems features
  • 1/ Profiles for sliding openings derived from very thick steel sheet, greatest openings size with a very slender frame on view.
  • 2/ Wide section, 65/70 mm, to house high performance glass panes.
  • 3/ Groove for fixing the glazing retainers, it reduces the risk of breaking the glass pane during installation and increases security against forcing.
  • 4/ Tracks position coincides with glass panels, guaranteeing a perfect balance and sliding.
  • 5/ Etched marking to locate fitting fastening axes, making assembly much easier.
  • 6/ Sealing gasket on the external corner of the profile, to avoid backwater between profile and threshold.
  • 7/ Door gasket with vulcanized corners.
  • 8/ Lifting fittings system, up to 400 Kg each kit (maximum 600 kg each door certified).
  • 9/ Option of inserting an electronic motorized device, for doors up to 800 kg.
  • 10/ Profile KIT for frame, joints and slides.
  • 11/ Safety maze against forcing with double gaskets.
  • 12/ AISI 316 stainless steel lower track.
  • 13/ The plastic insulating material offers perfect resistance to the temperatures involved in powder coating.
  • 14/ The plastic is not prone to swelling and contraction as moisture varies or when it comes into contact with or is immersed in water, thus overcoming the classic problem associated with thermal insulators that are instead wood based.
  • 15/ The absolute absence of joint points between the two parts of the profile guarantees the best possible thermal insulation.
  • 16/ The profile is completely protected by its galvanic coating. Other systems called “thermal insulated or aerated”, featuring slots in their sides to reduce the transmitting surface area, are actually undermining the protection of steel.


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