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In keeping with the concept of New Architecture, Le Corbusier states that a good window is a window that does not look like one, thus introducing the idea of the panoramic window. The PanoramAH! system follows this concept through its full span opening, without any dimensional limits. The system consists of a high-tech sliding aluminum frame that explores, for the first time, the characteristics of freestanding glass to create large glazed areas, through the use of extremely thin structural aluminum profiles and binding polyamides. Unlike traditional systems, the glass supports itself - the function of the aluminum is merely to tighten the window. The PanoramAH! sliding window system allows the maximum amount of light to enter, due to its light, subtle profile and large glazed area. The aesthetic quality of the window allows the removal of all obstructive elements of traditional windows, through the integration of the metal frame within the structure, such as in walls, floors and ceilings. The 20mm vertical profiles are the only unifying elements, and are almost imperceptible between the glass panels. This results in an efficient, water resistant system that enhances glazed areas. The PanoramAH! system can be produced in unlimited dimensions. They are, however, constrained by the production capacity of the glassmaking industry. Its constitution and operation of profiles allows the perfect execution and handling of sliding panels with areas up to 19m2, which can be moved without difficulty. These sliding panels, consisting of a glass and aluminum structural bonding, roll over double bearing rails that self-center the glass panels and are placed in a separate, removable element, set within the outer perimeter rim. Its extreme ruggedness (can withstand loads up to 800Kg/ml) and ease of maintenance and replacement (watertight bearings are inserted into 1-meter-long removable rails) makes this an extremely reliable, durable and high-performance system. PanoramAH! profiles can support double and triple glazing of up to 60mm thickness. The number of panels is unlimited and can be motorized, supporting up to four rails with full opening angles. Responding to the most stringent technical requirements, the window frame is constructed from a hardened aluminium structural link and polyamide, providing excellent thermal performance (the complete blockage of the thermal bridge in all features). The use of triple glazing provides the PanoramAH! system with exceptional thermal balance, as well as remarkable acoustic performance, which has been proven in tests (sound absorption up to 44dB). In addition to the undisputed high level of technology and reliability that is the foundation of every profile in the PanoramAH! series (sash, pivoting and skylight systems are also available with identical technical and aesthetic performances), this system responds to the new challenges of contemporary architecture. PanoramAH! is the best choice for all architectural projects in which quality and aesthetics are considered fundamental.

VILLA LAC / Architect: GM Architectes AssociƩs / Tiziano Borghini / Geneva, Switzerland / Photographer: Amir Korour


TOFINO BEACH HOUSE / Architect: Jim Olson from Olson Kundig Architects / British Columbia, Canada / Photographer: Nic Lehoux


4&4 HOUSE / Architect: Mcleod Bovell / Vancouver, Canada / Photographer: Andrew Latreille