Mogs Antiproiettile


Certified protection

MOGS ANTIPROIETTILE has been especially created for applications requiring a sophisticated level of security. MOGS ANTIPROIETTILE is a whole system for bullet proof windows and doors, with a certified level of protection FB4 and FB6, able to resist also to war weapons fire. This extremely high level of security is guaranteed still keeping the refined beauty of Mogs windows and doors, and flush and linear steel frames. Wide choice of finishes.
systems features
  • 1/ Maximum security thanks to special ballistic steel alloys.
  • 2/ 55 mm tubular profiles, allowing the housing of security locks.
  • 3/ 15 mm gap, to house U-shaped locks.
  • 4/ Snap-in glazing retainer on continuous groove: superior mechanical resistance and no screw to “obstruct” the fitting of glass pane.
  • 5/ Tubular glazing retainers in welded 1,5 mm thick steel: with their especially designed shape, they stop splinters.
  • 6/ Steel hinges, both fixed and adjustable.
  • 7/ Perimetral double gaskets.
  • 8/ The 75 mm section allows the housing of bullet-proof screens, also with insulated inner space.
  • 9/ Bottom profile with a particular groove, to house a guillotine gasket.
  • 10/ Extremely long life with no need of maintenance.


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steel blast profiles


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Mogs Antiproiettile