Mogs 65 Steel


The security of a 2 mm thick steel profile

Tubular profiles made from Mogs 2 mm sheet steel formed and welded in a continuous process, with seal grooves, for the production of extremely safe windows and doors. The section on view is very slender: only 18 mm for the frame. Mogs 65 is a multi purpose profile: the same profile, for exemple, can be used as a fixed panel, frame, hinged door/window frame, hinged sash, tilt and turn sash and parallel sliding sash. 3 kinds of Mogs 65 are like 8 kinds of standard profiles.
system features
  • 1/18 mm tubular profile, the most streamlined in its class. The special shape of the profile means extremely high moments of inertia are achieved.
  • 2/ Extra deep profile (65-72 mm) to accommodate high-performance glazing.
  • 3/ 22 mm top supporting surface. If the window or door is being fitted in a subframe, the 22 mm top supporting surface helps hide the inevitable crack that forms on the edge of the plaster.
  • 4/ Oversize glazing bead, greater overlap of glass pane.
  • 5/ Ease of welding critical corner (“clean”edge, with no recesses that are difficult to weld).
  • 6/ Frame seal with vulcanized corners, providing extremely good weatherproofing to protect against water, air and wind.
  • 7/ Glazing seal vulcanized corners, hermetic seal on glass pane.
  • 8/ Option of making frame and hinged sash with the same profile.
  • 9/ Gap between doors increased to 15 mm, allowing optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow.
  • 10/ Option of altering gap between profiles without ugly changes in the visible seal surface.
  • 11/ Safety tilt and turn hardware with “anti-condensation” system.
  • 12/ Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis.
  • 13/ Special self-tapping glazing fastening screws.
  • 14/ Snap-in glazing retainer with “sharp edge” to increase resistance to wrenching.

example of use


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3D render


Mogs 65 Steel - profile 1


Mogs 65 Steel - profile 2

Mogs 65 Steel - profile 2


Mogs 65 Steel - profile 3

Mogs 65 Steel - profile 4