Mogs 65 TB Cor-Ten


Beauty, security, insulation

Originally used in renovation works, Cor-ten steel is nowadays appreciated in different settings thanks to its "natural" beauty, which does not require any surface finishes. Mogs Cor-ten combines the beauty of Cor-ten steel and the slenderness of the profiles (18 mm on view) with excellent performances: Mogs Cor-ten is the only thermal insulated profile with a real thickness of 2 mm, to guarantee excellent security and long life. Besides, Cor-ten steel offers a resistance to weather conditions from 5 to 8 times higher than a common carbon steel.
systems features
  • 1/ Extra deep profile (65-72 mm) to house high performance glazing.
  • 2/ 22 mm top supporting surface. If the window or door is being fitted in a subframe, the 22 mm top supporting surface helps hide the inevitable crack that forms on the edge of the plaster.
  • 3/ Oversize glazing bead, greater overlap of glass pane.
  • 4/ Easy welding of critical corner
  • 5/ Frame gasket with vulcanized corners, providing excellent protection against water, air and wind
  • 6/ Glazing gasket with vulcanized corners: extreme hermetic glass pane.
  • 7/ The same profile can be used as a frame or a hinged sash.
  • 8/ Gap between doors increased to 15 mm, allowing optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow.
  • 9/ Option of altering gap between profiles without ugly changes in the visible seal surface.
  • 10/ Safety tilt and turn hardware with a fourth handle position, allowing a perfect airing of the rooms – s.c. “anti-condensation” system.
  • 11/ Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis.
  • 12/ Special L.


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Mogs 65 TB Cor-Ten


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