Mogs 65 TB


Ultimate sound proofing and thermal insulation

Created to be used in extreme conditions, Mogs 65 Tagliotermico marries together the mechanical and design performances of the profiles Mogs 65 and the thermo-acoustic insulation of the newest technology. Mogs 65 Tagliotermico is the only thermal insulated profile with a real thickness of 2 mm. That means that resistance is not compromised, while the visual impact remains minimal (only 18 mm). Mogs 65 TB allows the creation of design, eco-friendly and security windows and doors.
systems features
  • 1/ Extra deep profile (65-72 mm) to accommodate high-performance glazing.
  • 2/ 22 mm top supporting surface. If the window or door is being fitted in a subframe, the 22 mm top supporting surface helps hide the inevitable crack that forms on the edge of the plaster.
  • 3/ Oversize glazing bead, greater overlap of glass panes.
  • 4/ Easy welding of critical corner.
  • 5/ Frame seal with vulcanized corners, providing extremely good protection against water, air and wind.
  • 6/ Glazing gasket with vulcanized corners: extreme hermetic glass pane.
  • 7/ Option of making frame and hinged sash with same profile.
  • 8/ Gap between doors increased to 15 mm, allowing optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow.
  • 9/ Option of altering gap between profiles without ugly changes in the visible seal surface.
  • 10/ Safety tilt and turn hardware with “anti-condensation” system.
  • 11/ Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis.
  • 12/ Special self-tapping glazing fastening screws.
  • 13/ Snap-in glazing retainer with sharp edge, to increase resistance to wranching.
  • 14/ Available in Mogs steel, Stainless steel and Cor-ten steel.


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Mogs 65 TB Steel