location Fuori Salone Milano 2018, Piazza C. Beccaria / system BronzoFinestra B40

Material: Architectural Bronze, finitura lucida
Designer: Massimiliano Locatelli, CLS Architetti
Photo: Luca Rotondo

Presented on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, 3D HOUSING 5.0 in Piazza Beccaria is the first 3D printed house in Europe. An absolutely revolutionary project in terms of time, costs and lifestyles, which has earned a place of honor among the numerous events of the Fuori Salone 2018. The 100 square meters of the house, designed by the Architect Massimiliano Locatelli in collaboration with Italcementi and Arup, are divided into a living area, a sleeping area, a bathroom and a kitchen. The interiors are printed exclusively in the structural parts: finishes and furnishings are instead classic, but carefully chosen, to bring back the value of memory and the preciousness of history. For the doors and the windows, the Studio chose Mogs profiles in Architectural Bronze with a minimalist design, in an elegant glossy golden finish, which assure that comfort and that sense of warmth and well-being that is necessary for a living space. Made with skilful craftsmanship by La Bottega del Fabbro di Como, the bronze windows were entirely financed by the show room Officine Milano. "The polished brass windows and doors - and the bathrooms taken from a single block of marble - want to bring back a sense of good bourgeoisie, of well-being", says Arch. Locatelli. "You can have hundred percent ecological homes, new housing realities that can even come from the ashes of the existing eco-monsters. To be pulverized and mixed with the nuances of the local land, in the mixture of new houses of the future".