Big Rock

location Ca' Tron, Roncade, Italy / system FerroFinestra W75 TB

Designer: Studio zaa_Zanon Architetti Associati

Partners: RS ingegneria, TFE Ingegneria S.r.l., TwentyFour7

Photo: Marco Zanta

Big Rock - assimilated in value and importance to Pixar animation Studios - is one of the Italian excellences in the field of education with technological content. Integral part of H-Campus, the innovation center based in Cà Tron, it offers a training program that ranges from computer graphics to virtual reality. The building is located in a context with a strong rural character: it was once a warehouse used to stock agricultural equipment. The project of restoration and architectural redevelopment of the spaces has provided for huge high-performance windows overlooking the green, made with the new Ferrofinestra W75 TB.

The project Big Rock has been published in Yearbook 5 as selected project Prize Italian Architect 2020.