In the ancient trullo

location Apulia, Italy / system FerroFinestra W40

Designer: Bepi Povia
Photo: Mimmo Ricatti

The traditional architecture of the Apulian countryside becomes a refuge away from the world for Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari jewellery creative director. Built in the 1600s, the dilapidated stone trullo was perched on a hill overlooking the whitewashed villages below and olive groves. The careful restoration and renovation work is the hand of Bepi Povia, an architect and interior designer deeply rooted in his Apulia region. Povia chose to use the original stone to reconstruct the conical roof, expanded the volume by adding a second bedroom, and built a swimming pool that blends into the landscape so as not to distract from the wild beauty of the place. A sense of openness was also created in the house, to provide light and space, through the installation of large windows and sliding doors in hot-rolled steel, which remain true to the choice of authenticity.