Masseria Schiuma

location Monopoli - Bari / system FerroFinestra W50 TB

Material: acciaio zincato
Designer: Arch. Franco Mastrorosa
Photo: Studio Tartaglione

Foam is a magnificent word, in a moment it recalls to mind the foam of the sea waves, the soft soap bubbles and their rainbows, the soft milk, the shaving foam that smells like pungent cologne, the levity that is typical of childhood, an ephemeral consistency that calls to play at every age ....

There is Street named Schiuma, which from a point of the S90 that runs from Monopoli to Savelletri, towards the south, leaves the sea for an unexpected countryside. Masseria Schiuma takes its name from here, because the simplicity of its owners is such that it did not want to add other frills, other meanings to a place that is a temple of private spaces and shared spaces. There is nothing typical in this Apulian farmhouse, which is an old mill with rational spaces, an impressive architecture, humanized by original modern design pieces, of different workmanship and places. And it is precisely this passion for tradition and modernity that led to the choice of Mogs FerroFinestra Thermal Barrier window system, made with visible weldings and intentionally left in the natural color of the metal to preserve its authenticity. The original wooden doors have been for the most part restored and protected with the new steel frames that thanks to the minimal sections and the unique geometries represent the perfect aesthetic and technically functional contemporary solution.