Residence on the walls in Treviso

location Treviso / systems FerroFinestra W40 and Alzante Scorrrevole MLS72 TB

Material: hot-dip rolled steel / galvanized steel
Designer: Giovanni Battista Gianola (Tv)

A highly-esteemed designer has restored this loft apartment furnished with a large terrace which overlooks the historic town centre. The former wooden doors and windows have been replaced with metal-framed mirrored panes; the characteristics of the steel ensure safety and the structure grants a generous view outside. The overall style is coherent with the modern interior furnishing. The sliding doors in galvanized steel allow the room to be bathed in light and have been left purposefully ‘rough’ with visible welding. They are made using a ‘hidden’ system that allows them to blend seamlessly into the walls, acting as a transparent panel between the dining room, bedrooms and the large teak-paved terrace. The spacious orangerie, enclosed by 3 vertical walls and a horizontal cover – all glazed – emphasises the traditional English structure of slim profiles in hot-rolled steel.