Puerto Luna Azul

location Istria, Croazia / system FerroFinestra W50 TB

Material: Acciaio verniciato
Designer: Fabrika + Studio
Photo: Koridor 27

Istria is truly a fascinating land, a landscape that is idyllic in many ways, as the official hymn of the Istrian Region Krasna zemljo or “Beautiful Land” states. The PUERTO LUNA AZUL atelier / residence, with a unique view of the Canal d’Arsia and the Kvarner Islands, is perfectly integrated into the natural landscape, both in terms of volumetric choices and used materials. The supporting structure consists of a steel skeleton with HEA beams and pillars. Cor-ten steel has been used in the ventilated wall that closes towards the small adjacent town, in the no-invasive tool shed and as decoration material for various details. In the interiors, plywood and chestnut wood prevail. On the sea side, large glass and steel openings allow to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape, and let the surrounding garden “enter” the living area. Realized using the system FerroFinestra Mogs W50 TT, these large windows and doors guarantee a high thermal insulation and the necessary security against break-ins.