A contemporary “box” in Mirano

location Mirano (Ve) / system FerroFinestra W40

Material: hot-dip rolled steel
Designer: Arch. Enzo Berti - Mirano (Ve)

The redevelopment and salvage of Spazio Silos represents a new interpretation of industrial architecture and upholds their cultural value. The building is composed of two silos built in the 1940s for a longstanding furniture company. The recent restoration has made use of innovative construction systems to create complex avant-garde technology that is in line with the demands of energy efficiency and biocompatibility whilst upholding the historical importance of the site. The two buildings, formerly used as warehouses and for burning shavings, make up the thermal heart of the complex and are now used as think tanks for a creative team who develop communication, industrial design and photography projects. The doors and windows have been realized using hot-rolled FerroFinestra with visible welding, protected by a coat of hot dip transparent paint that highlights the untreated steel. Also noteworthy are the wide sliding glass doors that overlook the surrounding green space.