Attico on the sky of Padua

location Padua / system Mogs 65 TB Steel e Alzante Scorrevole MLS72 TB

Material: painted galvanized steel
Designer: Studio Associato “A + S ARCHITETTURA” – Cattura (Pd)

This large, renovated attic, situated atop a 30m building, overlooks the historical quarter of the city and boasts a 360° view of the Alps and the Colli Euganei. It is a result of the demolition and reconstruction of an industrial brick structure that bore no relationship to the character of the city surrounding it, a city well-known for its historical importance. The central core, made of reinforced concrete, leads to a series of spaces that wend their way outwards, topped with a ceiling of continuous white surfaces which reach for the sky in line with the external terraces. The full-length windows play an essential role in the aesthetics of the building by allowing natural light to bathe the room and by amplifying the visual impact of the city skyline that wraps around the attic. The result is a continual and uninterrupted relationship between the inside and outside. The living area extends towards the monastery of Carmine and the whole attic brought to life with the reciprocal projection between the external environment and the concealed architectural spaces, defined by windows gazing over the panorama. The large windows were built using Mogs 65 profiles with a thermal break in painted steel. This gives the possibility of minimal partitions and offers great benefits in terms of thermal and acoustic performance.