Villa on the bay, Santa Teresa di Gallura

location Santa Teresa di Gallura - Sassari / system Mogs 65 Steel e Alzante Scorrevole MLS60

Material: Painted galvanized steel
Designer: Arch. Francesco Cosatto - Udine

This villa was born from the restoration of a group of three small villas facing a bay which encircles the crystal clear and pristine waters of North Sardinia. This natural setting provided an inspirational cue for the project designers; a landscape stretching from the internal spaces through wide openings towards the spectacular view of the Mediterranean. The eye is drawn along the hulks of granite smoothed by the wind and strung out to the point where the sky meets the sea. The connection between the three small villas has created wilfully irregular spaces both on inside, the facade and the protective portico running around the villa. The building is crafted in materials such as cracked granite, barked wooden beams, and canes for the portico. In addition to these, painted steel has been used for the sliding door and window fixtures. Its earthy shade complements the colour of the facades and the smooth, sand coloured external pavements, immersing the villa in the natural landscape.