Contemporary private residence in the Florence Middle Ages

location Florence / system Mogs 65 Steel

Material: painted galvanized steel
Designer: Arch. Guido Gorla

This exquisite medieval complex is overlooked by a tall 13th century tower which dominates the extensive park, surrounding fields and stretches of olive groves. The three internal courtyards are enhanced by expertly crafted works from previous restorations. Whilst using technological innovation to adapt and modernize (e.g. the addition of a slate and travertine pavement) these measures have kept the structure of the original building intact, including the walls in faced brick and the valuable stone arches. The generous windows and doors added during the last main restoration are built with the Mogs 65 steel system, tying in with the construction style through their low visual impact united with the strength and high functional performance of the material. The overall result is a harmonious marriage between historic architectural traditions and feats of modern technology.