Passiva Residence in Marostica

location Marostica (Vi) / system Mogs ISO70 TB

Material: painted galvanized steel
Designer: Arch. Giorgio Parise - Marostica (Vi)

The designer’s main aims were to achieve a harmonious architectural appearance through the re-elaboration of typical Venetian traits on a “passive” building whilst paying close attention to bioclimatic concepts and the production of clean alternative energy. A variety of elements have been included to achieve this end, such as a photovoltaic plant, a solar heating plant to produce clean hot water and heating, and a geothermic plant which replaces the need for a boiler. The simple rectangular outline pays homage to the rural structures typical of this area, but is partly contrasted by the north face where the striking stone wall, characteristic of this zone, fans out onto the pedestrian entrance. The door and window openings are scaled down on the north face in contrast to the wide glass walls on the south and west faces which stretch towards the surrounding views of the Prealps. The door and windows have thermal breaks, characterized by precision cutting, which enhance the pleasing architectural appearance whilst greatly limiting the energy dispersal.